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Grossmeier Appraisal Service provides appraisal reports to a variety of lenders whom require all appraisal reports to comply with the Uniform Appraisal Dataset and meet the Appraisal Independence Requirements as set forth by FreddieMac.  For more information on these requirements and how they have changed the way appraisal reports are ordered, developed, written and delivered, please see the following web site links that will take you directly to the FreddieMac information portal.


Uniform Appraisal Dataset

FreddieMac has implemented a defined Uniform Appraisal Dataset that is to be contained in all loans being sold to FreddieMac.




Appraisal Independence Requirements

FreddieMac has implemented a defined Appraisal Independence Requirements that are to be adhered to by all lenders that are attempting to sell their loans to FreddieMac.

The link below will take you to the FreddieMac web site that explains in detail the Appraisal Independence Requirements.


Appraisal Independence Requirements Link